The Cpanel Song

Whenever I meet someone worse at hosting than I

and lets face it, there’s plenty

Worse at cpanel than I ..

My tender brain tends to throb with pain

And when in cpanel you fail at life, please feel no need to build up strife

I’ll show i’ll show

you how and you will see

And even as you dwell ,

” The files go in public_html !”

Don’t worry , soon you will be filled with glee

just ftp….and yes you’ll see . you . will . learn

CPANEL – you’re gonna learn cpanel

I’ll teach you the skills to boot , show youwhere’s the root

also where to add the files

I’ll show you what perms to share

How to ditch malware

Everything that really counts

to learn Cpanel , I’ll help you learn cpanel

now first you attach the name

the first step to fame in this internet hosting dear

so lets start, as it gets only more detailed from here

Now when you connect first you make a username

password then inserted so there’s only you to blame

If someone hacks you for that sweeter game- ified

site that someone jacked up

I hope you made a backup

or have a scan for your


I’ll help you get cpanel

and with a song from me

to go on a hosting spree instead of having nothing with do

or maybe not .

There’s nothing that can stop me

from helping you with Cpan-il……nel

La la la la la

We’re gonna teach you c-pan-el

When I see them getting nauseous
over a simple installation process
I remind them on their own behalf
To think of
hosting gurus they can relate
eSpecially great administrators
Did they always code it all in?
Don’t make me laugh!

They had Cpanel! Please –
It’s all about Cpanel!
It’s not about aptitude
It’s the way you’re viewed
So it’s very shrewd to be
Very very popular
Like me!
And though you may be stressed
browsing pinterest
I know clandestinely
You’re gonna grin and bear it
Your new found cpanel-arity – Ah!
La la la la
You’ll learn cpanel –
Perhaps even more so
Than me!