2016 is like the iPhone 7 and it sucks

Jesus things have become so complicated and sad.

Currently these are the unpopular thoughts running through so many peoples’ minds for our supremely screwed up year of 2016. We have lost so much and don’t understand why. Just like the stupid iPhone 7.

I have a stupid iPhone 7 and it confuses and angers me.

In 2016, so far , we have lost Bowie , Prince and our sanity. We also found that there are so many flaws in our poltical system that it baffles the mind.

iPhone 7 has no… fricken … headphone jack !??! Why iPhone ? WHYY? This confuses me more than the time I thought having a stomach ache meant I was pregnant(I was 5). This has royally screwed up my ability to plug you into my car stereo to listen to music AND the ability to charge you at the same time as listening to you. Now you make me choose iPhone. You make me choose and I shouldn’t have to.

This is what 2016 has been for us so far. Forcing us to make crappy choices we didn’t want to make in the first place and taking away things we always trusted to be there.

Come out with a new version already iPhone!

Come out with 2017 already. I’m ready .

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