The Banana Inquisition




Like any good native of Arizona , the day was hot even for me. Being in Arizona is like walking on the surface of the sun with no end in sight. To help stave of this horror story of weather, I decided to partake in a cool refreshing smoothie to quench my thirst and give me something tasty.

As I walked into the smoothie place and browsed, I quickly found my choice and approached the cash register. I ordered the smoothie concoction but with one alteration: NO BANANAS.

Now to give you some background here, I hate bananas. Both the texture AND flavor bother me and I just plain don’t like them . Tried them as a kid and adult and STILL didn’t like them. Its my life choice and I live with it. Apparently today was the day this very choice would be questioned.

So I went on ordering and then at the end I said ” oh, and no bananas please”. Apparently I blew the smoothie worker’s mind with this statement because this started a berage of questions.

Smoothie Guy ” So like… no bananas?”

Me ” That’s right. I do not want bananas in my smoothie ”

SM ” But … like it … makes it thicker ”

Me ” I understand that but I am telling you I don’t want them . Don’t put bananas in my smoothie please ”

I then assumed this conversation was over and proceeded to sit down at one of the tables off to the right. I assumed wrong. Before I knew it another smoothie guy came out from the back and walked towards me. I need to also point out that this second smoothie guy had been standing right by the first one and heard the entire conversation from earlier.

Second Smoothie Guy ” So… ma’am you don’t want any bananas ?”

Me ( sighing ) ” No I don’t want them ”

SSM ” But like it makes it thick so… like you don’t want any ?”

At this point I am pretty pissed that all I wanted to do was get a smoothie without bananas in it and am now benig subject to a banana inquisition by some random smoothie stranger that must worship the banana in a shrine in the back . I had enough.


The smoothie guy then began to slowly back away and started making the smoothie I asked for. I left that place feeling a bit frustrated at the whole situation. Seriously ? My choice of non- banana was questioned just because I happened NOT to include them in my smoothie? It got me thinking…

Small businesses and entrepreneurs alike make these kind of choices every day. They choose to make their special business sauce their way because they know what they want. Sometimes despite the Banana believers, you need to stand your ground. SO go ahead and screw that banana! You make your own way!