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Purple Rain SEO – Dare to drive sexuality and poetry

I loved the song ” Little Red Corvette” from the first note to the last guitar riff the minute it met my ears. While so many girls I grew up with tried to warn me ” do you know what this means ? … like … its about giving HEAD and SEX!” .

Yes. I did know what this song was about all along and I didn’t care. The lyrics spoke to me of my wreckless teenage youth. It harkened to my flings with young guys and how sometimes it wasn’t about deep emotion but about having a good time . What I also found interesting was … good or bad.. this song was KNOWN to everyone . They loved it or they hated it. Not much in between .

So why did this song get so much attention? What was it that drove people to listen and I mean REALLY listen to the words of the immortal Prince?

Prince was not afraid to speak about taboo subjects and fuse them with poetry to make them beautiful. Now , don’t get me wrong . He didn’t give a shit what anyone thought but he also wanted to show others the world in which his mind dwelled and how sexuality above all could be beautiful and wonderous all on its own. Introducing some of these controversial and novel concepts to an otherwise conservative world was both dangerous and interesting. With these thoughts he pierced through the noise and clutter of the media garbage. So it lead me to thinking … what made Prince so iconic that you had to stop and listen ?

1. Ubiquitous – This was a man that not only sang but he wrote his music , produced it , played instruments and wrote poetry . He was all -inclusive to ensure an image that was completely his OWN . To apply this to modern day SEO concepts – transparency and involvment
Your company should have its members involved in the vision process – not just the marketing execs. make sure to involve even some of the front line people to keep everything honest to be able to communicate any concerns from their point of view .

2. Make a new sound – Prince was often described as having a ” ground breaking ” sound . While it is definitely easier to go with the current flow and trends … it is even better to introduce something novel or even what is trendy but with a twist . Who likes the follow the crowd right ? Have your writers set a new tone and new voice to your business

3. Strange fashion – big impact . This dude had some … very interesting outfits… you KNOW the suit I mean! But it made you look didn’t it ? Sometimes we don’t need to always be ” pretty ” or ” on trend” instead do something that is your own unique work of art.

4. Spread the love – Prince believed in his art but also believed that his music was a gift that needed to be shared. He often wrote songs for other artists . ” Nothing compares to you” Sinead O’connor and ” Manaic Monday” for the Bangels to name a few. It is important in a business to share your vision and contribution with your employees. In order to increase your investment in the site and its brand, have new people or bloggers contribute. Start a program where you pick a new blogger to write a post or feature their article on your site or product.

5. He was spontaneous – one thing prince never was… predictable.His performances were EPIC and man could this dude improvise! from his guitar riffs mid-song to the funky takes of covers like Joni Mitchells “Taste of You”. His passion for his art, and interesting persona drove him to do some random activities to either get your attention or because they were just plain .. fun .
So make sure to do something spontaneous and new every now and again to shake things up. Play a game , hold an interesting contest , post about interesting subjects NOT to do with your company .