The Babe with the Power : The Dance of Liberation Begins

2016 has brought us a lot of disappointment lately and it sucks ass.

We just gained a President that has made us fear for our country and lost so much.

This includes a great artist that had a profound impact for my life and my future: David Bowie.


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I first saw this man in an awesome movie called : Labyrinth. He was decked out in a sparkly cape, weird elf-fairy eyes and legs that slayyed in them tight pants. Well… along with his HUGE … “presence”.

Tuning into the song ” Magic Dance ” today was a welcome distraction . The Lyrics got me thinking …


We are now beginning the dance.


Dance is defined as a movement to a designated rhythm. That’s it basically. It also dawned on me that the best kind of dances are those that sought to break the rules and send a message to the establishment.

Women's March Seattle

Posted by The Singing Tech on Sunday, January 22, 2017

Right now our country is in such a place. Our current President and his chosen group are trying to set the basic waltz with only steps that they deem worthy. Not this time.


On January 21st, I marched with 130,00 people in Seattle for the Women’s March. Together we created our own dance and set our own rhythm. We dance to the beat of women’s rights and protecting the rights of equality. We marched to the beat of defiance in the eyes of a government that would seek to keep us in the darker ages thinking that we would and will stay complacent and reserved.

It’s time to join the dance and set our own rules. The new forbidden dance: Feminism. We ARE the Babes with the Power. Here are some of the things we can do together:

1.Write to your Senator. Click here to find yours.

2.Follow The Women’s March Website to join in their action.

3.Sign up for Women’s Rights Groups in your area. Check your local NOW website here.

4.Show up. The more of us who show up to events the more people will pay attention

5.Let’s dance! Be the dance of power like in the Labyrinth, Be the dance of Defiance like in Footloose, Be the dance of individuality and freedom like in Dirty Dancing. Show the Government you are not afraid to Tango!

Now let’s see if they can follow the steps!





Contents of a Villains Purse in the Digital World

Contents of a Villains Purse in the Digital World


We all love a good villain, especially yours truly. Whenever I watched disney movies growing up as I child I always ended up liking the villain more. I mean THINK about it .

They have goals …

They don’t need no man…

They are unstoppable ( most of the time )

So this caused me to wonder… what would Ursula from the Little Mermaid keep in her purse if she was around with us humans in the digital world?

1.Mermaid Tears

She could carry this baby around with her to remind her of the voices she stole AND be fashionable. Find it hereĀ 


2.A Stealth Voice Recorder


You never know when you find the perfect voice to steal. She might not always get to her phone so this diva would need something that she could carry with her in her purse but be discreet.Find one here





3. A swimsuit

I mean … come on this woman RULED the waters. Even if she was made permanently human she would always keep a swimsuit in her bag to prance around the club pool.



4. Iphone

This diva loves hearing beautiful voices so I feel like she would be very into itunes. She would have the best iphone on the market.





5. High Class Headphones

This b was obsessed with sound. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had not only a phone with good music but a top of the line device to listen to it .



Overall I think that Ursula would love existing in the world today especially with all the digital toys she would have at her fingertips. What else do you think this lady would be walking around with?