Shake your Feminism Fun bags

Breasts. Boobs. Fun Bags, Twins. Knockers…

The two soft protruding organs on the upper front of the body hold so much weight in today’s society and in history.

They are either praised or damned but never just accepted. That’s a damn shame,


Recently, Emma Watson did a cover with Vanity Fair where she was interviewed about her life and upcoming movie. They also did a photo shoot with one particular photo that made some smaller minded people go up in arms. Here is the “offending” photo:

Emma Watson exposing image, feminism

Emma Watson exposing image

What surprised me about this was that this beautiful and fashionable photo was seen as anything else BUT that. Instead, so many people were just “outraged ” by this photo and sought to call Emma a “hypocrite” for daring to show her breasts.

First of all. Feminism is not about being prude or sexual. Feminism is about CHOICE and equality. Emma was proud of her body and made a choice to show it and be proud. THAT, my dears, IS FEMINISM.

She has the freedom to choose how she displays her body and expresses herself in photos, fashion, and life. She can wear whatever the f*** she wants.

Let’s look at other women in history who expressed their views with their body:


Lady Godiva

This awesome broad sought to express her displeasure at the unfair taxation on her tenants brought on by her husband. She used her awesome bod to shock him into listening while riding a majestic steed through town. Badass!


Veronica Franco

This lady did not have a lot of choices open to her when it came to making a living. Back in her day, it wasn’t considered normal for a woman to read or write. This lady chose to make a living being a courtesan and putting pen to paper about her experiences. She used her body to gain access to funds and later set up a charity for courtesans and their families.


Lady Gaga

I personally love this woman’s music and message. She does leave you guessing sometimes but her political views are clear as is her body image. This woman wears whatever the f*** she wants and takes no prisoners.


My question here is: Why are we shaming Emma Watson in the name of Feminism? The very idea of shaming her isn’t feminism at all. This is just a means to silence someone because you are either jealous or uncomfortable.

As I am ALSO a feminist and not afraid of my body I too have chosen to REVEAL my feminism and have no shame whatsoever. My body isn’t perfect but I’m proud of it and it’s mine. I stand with Emma Watson in celebrating your body.

Instead of Focusing on Emma’s Boobs * which are lovely * Let’s look more at her accomplishments and how we can move the feminist message forward. I have listed a few ways below:


Make a commitment to HEforSHE

Check out her Feminist book group Our Shared Shelf

Get involved with UN Women

My challenge to you now is to make your own feminist reveal picture! Show me what you got!