5 Logical Reasons Gaston Chose Belle

Recently beauty and the beast complete with Emma Watson has been released and everyone is going Ape SHIT over it , myself included. This was an amazeballs re-imagining of the story complete with musical numbers, a sexy man-beast that climbs towers and Kevin Kline surprising me even more with his sweet tenor. I also liked that this movie chose to humanize more of the characters in the story instead of making them one-dimensional characters only capable of one emotion. One of the more interesting subjects was Gaston.


Now Gaston definitely has his less-than-stellar qualities but his pursuance of Belle even after she gave him a huge dose of ” thanks but no thanks” always puzzled a much younger me in the cartoon version. I remember thinking ” why doesn’t he just go after one of those other girls? They’re all really pretty “. After seeing its re-imagining, it caused me to think back again on this question. I have to say, from Gastons point of view, some of these perceived reasons make a lot of sense to me.


Belle and her book

1.Belle is SMART!

I noticed in both the movie and the cartoon while Gaston may call her “odd” and even going so far as saying it’s ” not right “, he never tells her to stop or calls the woman dumb. In fact, I think part of his reasoning for choosing her is knowing his own shortcomings when it comes to what he stores in his muscle-y noggin…which, let’s be honest. It isn’t much. Marrying someone like Belle would guarantee his kids have a good education.


2.An Actual Challenge: AKA she has her own damn mind!

In both movies, everyone loves Gaston and is his ultimate BFF. He is like the mean girls crew rollin’ up on horseback with his buddy Le Fou. No one would DARE say no to him or ever disagree. No one…that is except Belle. Now hear me out on this one! I could imagine being popular is super awesome and all but it would definitely get tiring for me being surrounded by constant “yes ” men that agreed with everything I said and did. I would never know if someone was telling me the truth or what I want to hear. You need that kind of honesty in someone you trust. Belle actually told him things he didn’t like but it also showed that she wasn’t afraid, to be honest with him. This is probably the first person he ever encountered that wasn’t afraid to stand up to him let alone a woman.


3.She does her OWN thing.

From what I gathered, most other women in the village would love nothing more than to do whatever it was Gaston was doing at the time. This goes along with the previous version of telling Gaston what he wants to hear and simultaneously doing whatever he wants to do to garner his favor. Belle is perfectly happy hanging out with her inventor father, reading books and even skipping through fields singing bout that provincial life. Being with Belle would mean that he gets breathing room because she has shown herself to be her own person with her own mind.


4.Kindness. No Matter What.

Yes while everyone in the village is also kind to Gaston, you could never be sure what they would do if the popular opinion was suddenly against him. Belle has been the only person in the village to show that she is kind and helpful regardless of the popular opinion.


Belle Adventure


This one is a no-brainer. Home girl follows a HORSE to a rando castle in the dark with furniture that talks and a man-buffalo-bear thing holding her father and she is not very bothered. Gaston with all his hunting excursions and battle-ready attitude shows that he would love a good adventure as much as her. Hell if they did end up digging on each other they would probably go off on adventures all the time.

Gaston Falls short

So really given all these reasons, Gaston was choosing the best woman for him socially and physically. They would have made quite the power couple of Belle was interested and if Gaston wasn’t such a Douche Canoe. Alas, Gaston ended up FALLING short… see what I did there ?

What are your thoughts? Please comment below!



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