5 Things Emu’s Pink Windmill Kids Taught Me About Life


Recently the internet has gone crazy over this group of musical children in colored leggings seemingly lead by an old puppeteer man with an affinity for Emus.

Without a care in the world one has to wonder…what could they teach US about life?


1.Always tackle life with enthusiasm.


When you start out on the right foot, the whole room will rise to the occasion. Catrina knows what’s up… she is the first to introduce herself in this spunky ensemble and dances her heart out!


2.Some of your weirdest ideas may be the best. Why not give them a chance?





Case in point.. this show. It is a strange idea but somehow it has become an internet sensation and it just works.


3.Don’t conform to the Status quo.



Move to the beat of your own drum. Put on them leggings! You never know.. maybe you’ll launch yourself backward onto the floor only to have others be TOUCHED by your creativity.


4.You will always have a crowd.





Think you’re weird? Wanna put on colored leggings, big socks and dance around with an old puppeteer with a Giant Emu? Even that niche has a crowd…so go be a part of it!


5. There is fun to be had at ANY stage of life. Just look at this old lady here having a good time :



If that’s not a life goal, I don’t know what is!


Here is the full video so that you too can know their full joy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1svA2sGhDEE


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