5 ways that being a Musician helps your Marketing



We are currently in an age where content is king and the drive to post and be relevant is stronger every day. Now, for some of us , we think this impossible because we have been led to believe that we need to have marketing degrees to even begin to understand how to market ourselves. What if I told you as musicians , you ALREADY had the tools necessary to do this ?

I am an opera singer, a dramatic soprano specifically, and I earned both my bachelors and masters in music.I then moved from Boston to AZ. I was in a panic because I had no clue on how I could market myself or where to even start.

After a few months and speaking with a friend of mine already in marketing I realized I was already utilizing marketing skills , I just didn’t know it .

1.Building your personal brand
– as Musicians , we are constantly in a state of meeting new people . This can happen when on small group gigs, performing for different theaters, in different countries … you name it ! Since we are constantly meeting new people we learn as musicians to build personal relationships and this builds on our personal brand . If I work a show with Mary and have a good relationship with her , she is going to have me on her brain the next time she is involved with a company that’s in need of another soprano. This will help you in the long run

Along with meeting all these people we also learn to NETWORK . IF I am looking to book a performance in CA for example and I met Bob during a show and know he lives there… BOOM ! I already have a person to reach out to for help . Its that easy

In the music business you need to grow a thick skin or this industry WILL eat you alive . It takes a very dedicated , strong and CONFIDENT individual to keep going even when they have been knocked down . This industry helps you build confidence in yourself AND your abilities . When your confidence is percieved by others, they are more likely to hire you and trust that you can do the job!

4.Being Center Stage- digitally
We have the benefit of living during a time where we can make ourselves available to the public no matter what! Even if you have 0$ budget you can make a facebook page and have email for free. It has never been so easy to make your own digital presence and you SHOULD do it now if you haven’t already. Think of all the paper you would save ! Also , instead of handing someone a CD recording of you , you can just easily point them to your website where you have uploaded some digital recordings.


These free sites include : youtube, soundcloud , vimeo , facebook, vine( to an extent). Please let me know your list!

5.Pitch Ready !
Most small businesses need to prepare a small , beautifully-crafted elevator pitch that aligns perfectly with what the potential client needs . With musicians , we ALREADY have this… our music . School prepares us for different styles of music and different types of auditions with the skills to learn and develop new material at the drop of a hat if needed. Our elevator pitch is our audition/ performance. William David Thureau said ” when words fail , music speaks ” In this case . music is all you need .

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