Debates and Douchebags : Social Media and Politics

Could we imagine what it would have been like had people like Washington, Lincoln or even Kennedy been on twitter during their own campaigns?

Thanks to sites like  We can humorously imagine but we need to pose the question… how has social media changed politics ?




Yeah before they were on TV and newspapers but one still had to have the time to set aside to watch those interactions. These days all someone needs to do is pull out their phone and catch the highlights on twitter or view the opinions on Facebook.



I was lucky to be one of the last generations that did not grow up in the age of facebook. It came around when I was in college and even then I have some pictures I had to lobby to get taken down or un-tag myself as it were. Nothing is kept from the masses anymore so long as someone is near with a camera phone. This can be both good and bad . sometimes yes you have been caught in a compromising situation but it was taken out of context . This also helps in that we can see the candidates for who they really are and not the glossed up version the media wants them to be .



The game has changed and social media sites like Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are center stage for the mass spotlight. That’s where the budget is going these days but people have wised up. its not only about bought SEO but its about organic as well . I myself will scroll pass the paid for search ads and choose the one with the most organic hits. people don’t like being bought or sold anymore. They want honesty and transparency



NaBloPoMo November 2016

Papageno and Productivity: 3 Ways Opera Singers are awesome at Tech

Pa…pa..PA-Lease tell me you have heard of The Magic Flute? Cuz if you haven’t then go watch it and prepare to be transformed by the world that is OPERA! It’s amazing to be a part of the listening experience.



Often times when we think of ” tech-saavy” singers, we don’t tend to have opera singers be the first ones that come to mind. Quite the opposite. One usually pictures a kind of techno rave girl kind of person with … I dunno lazor beams coming out of their mouth as they sing and some mysterious beat that drops every time they enter a room. Is that what’s hip these days? Yeah I’m not cool.

Oddly enough not only are we awesome at Tech , but our music is great for the “Tech Brain”.

1. Opera singers are insanely hard working.

In fact learning to sing opera is one of the most difficult vocal styles to develop. You are learning a technique that teaches you to have stamina for an entire opera , sing louder than an orchestra, understand the foreign language you are singing in and how to pronounce it properly. There is a LOT we put into it. Thus when we throw ourselves into learning something , we tend to with the same fiery passion we pursued our art form. It’s why musicians tend to take to programming so well. We not only do it well but we OWN it!

2. Classical Music helps the Brain.

Yeah who knew that our own music makes us smarter . There are quite a few studies that link listening to classical music( like opera ) to enhanced brain activity and memory. Oddly enough, it’s called the “Mozart Effect” by Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis in his 1991 book Pourquoi Mozart? Pretty good book.

3. Pattern recognition.

As musicians , we are trained to recognize patterns in the score an commit them to memory. We can do the same as we learn tech and coding as well ! Its why memorizing an order tends to come easier to us. We have already done this before…probably in Italian too!


There are many reasons as to why Opera singers kick ass at this. What do you think?

NaBloPoMo November 2016

5 Ways to Piss off a Professional Singer

Hey there! Come closer and I will give you some insight into the secret world of singers. What you first must know is that we ALWAYS need to stay hydrated. Like seriously … I have a strong need to be near water before I sing. Its a given!

Now there are also things that you as a non-singer may want to steer clear of asking us because it just insights a rage like you won’t believe. There are 5 BIG ONES! Let me break them down for you:

giphy1.DO NOT ASK US TO SING ” RIGHT NOW” OR IN THE MOMENT.  Now people don’t really seem to get this one but let me explain. So lets say we are all out at a party and drinking , having a good time in a busy restaurant with LOTS of other people. Then someone asks the me the dreaded question: ” Heyyyy you’re a singer ! Sing something for us right now “. First of all , I have just had a ton of food and wine so I am not in top form . Also we are in a busy restaurant /grocery store/ coffee shop where not everyone around WANTS to hear me sing and its rude. Also its not an accurate representation of my work . Being an opera singer, I have a piano or orchestra behind me. You want to see me sing? I am happy to sing for you at my next performance and I will give you the dates.

2.WE DON’T ALL WANT TO GO ON AMERICAN IDOL. While I respect those that want to do that type of thing. It’s not my cup of tea and not the only way to make it in the business. There are now thousands of people auditioning for shows like that . Also if you do win… there can be strings attached that an artist does not necessarily want. Ultimately, we don’t all want to go the same path. Respect it.


3.YES WE KNOW THAT MAKING IT IN MUSIC IS HARD.  Now this one does really anger me. Whatever someone’s chosen profession may be , its where their passion lies and what they CHOSE to pursue. I have not had someone tell me they are going to be a doctor and react with ” well … you know being a doctor is HARD right ? ” . I would never slap someone in the face with an insult like that! Also don’t do it under the guise of ” friendly concern” screw that! If you are truly someone’s friend you will support them no matter what.

4.YOU SHOULD CALL [ENTER PERFORMANCE COMPANY NAME HERE] While we do appreciate the effort on your part, it does not work that way. We are not able to call up a company to tell them we’re ready to sing for them and when should we ” drop by and pick up our music and paycheck “. That would be freaking dream! However, most companies hold auditions that we sign up for a slot in which to sing for them. This is very similar to interviews in the business world . We present a resume, headshot and sing for them.

5.YOU MESSED UP ON THIS[ INSERT MINUSCULE THING HERE ] . So while we understand you have good intentions , please do not lead with a comment like that after a performance. First of all , its rude. Second, I dare anyone to try and do a full performance without one tiny mistake. We are human. Please try to find something you liked about the performance or song first. We singers already are very critical of ourselves and need support from awesome friends first and foremost.

Ultimately, all these above things are instances we singers encounter daily. If you could even take away one thing from this to become more aware of what we go through that would be great! We love our friends and fans!

Singers :What do you think? Got any more to add to this list ? Please comment below!




NaBloPoMo November 2016

Woman Full of Bullet Holes : The Mohawk at the Crossroads

Woman Full of Bullet Holes: The Mohawk at the Crossroads

My dreams tend to be predictable or non-memorable. I am usually falling if I feel anxious, doing an average daily task or something sexual to one of my idols … normal stuff. I don’t have or get profound dreams of any kind and I certainly don’t remember them or let them haunt me like this one did.


I remember going back to one of my former jobs with some of the people at my current job. We were talking amongst each other and sitting in a booth table at my old job location. I am talking to them and doing fine when one of them points out that I am naked. What’s odd is most people that have the ” all of the sudden” naked dream tend to be embarrassed or scared. I was neither. I also happened to have a blanket in the booth with me that I wrapped around myself while my work colleague, Casey, was sent to bring me back clothes from my car so I didn’t need to be naked anymore.


Next thing I know I am walking up sidewalk alongside a street. There is nothing to be seen but dust and construction everywhere. Ahead of me I see a few random faceless people and then … him. A full on, punk-rock guy with a mohawk. He had black hair, a ripped jean vest over a black shirt and ripped jean pants. his face was heavily pierced and his hands were covered in rings and black nail polish. This man was directing the people walking ahead of me and telling them which direction they were to go.


Then he turned to me.


” and you! ” He said

” um… yeah” I said.

” You look like my sister. The high school is over there”


I then remember trying to convince this guy that I was NOT in high school but he gazes off into the distance like he wasn’t even hearing me. Just kept looking in the direction he pointed me in. Then he finally spoke:


” My sister went to high school once. Now she’s full of bullet holes”


I turned to look where he was pointing and saw nothing. Then I turned back to face him and he had disappeared. I was only surrounded by the dust and the noisy construction. The world was transitioning around me and I had nowhere to walk. Only an ominous warning burning in my brain uttered by someone or something from my past.


Most of the time, my dreams do not strike me as a metaphor for life but this one hit a chord with me. Women ARE full of bullet holes. We are often walking wounded corpses of oppression, abuse, distrust and paranoia.


We are wounded by those who define us by our looks

We are wounded by those who enforce the glass ceiling

We are wounded by those who enforce a dress code because men “can’t control themselves”

We are wounded by those in power who do not think that women should rise in the ranks

We are wounded by those who feel it is right to oppress and harass us

We are wounded MOST by those who refuse to change


This is not a story about trying your best and you will succeed. No. It’s about what’s happening right now. We are the walking wounded trying to make change while still taking and dodging bullets.


It’s time to take the guns away.



Purple Rain SEO

Purple Rain SEO – Dare to drive sexuality and poetry

I loved the song ” Little Red Corvette” from the first note to the last guitar riff the minute it met my ears. While so many girls I grew up with tried to warn me ” do you know what this means ? … like … its about giving HEAD and SEX!” .

Yes. I did know what this song was about all along and I didn’t care. The lyrics spoke to me of my wreckless teenage youth. It harkened to my flings with young guys and how sometimes it wasn’t about deep emotion but about having a good time . What I also found interesting was … good or bad.. this song was KNOWN to everyone . They loved it or they hated it. Not much in between .

So why did this song get so much attention? What was it that drove people to listen and I mean REALLY listen to the words of the immortal Prince?

Prince was not afraid to speak about taboo subjects and fuse them with poetry to make them beautiful. Now , don’t get me wrong . He didn’t give a shit what anyone thought but he also wanted to show others the world in which his mind dwelled and how sexuality above all could be beautiful and wonderous all on its own. Introducing some of these controversial and novel concepts to an otherwise conservative world was both dangerous and interesting. With these thoughts he pierced through the noise and clutter of the media garbage. So it lead me to thinking … what made Prince so iconic that you had to stop and listen ?

1. Ubiquitous – This was a man that not only sang but he wrote his music , produced it , played instruments and wrote poetry . He was all -inclusive to ensure an image that was completely his OWN . To apply this to modern day SEO concepts – transparency and involvment
Your company should have its members involved in the vision process – not just the marketing execs. make sure to involve even some of the front line people to keep everything honest to be able to communicate any concerns from their point of view .

2. Make a new sound – Prince was often described as having a ” ground breaking ” sound . While it is definitely easier to go with the current flow and trends … it is even better to introduce something novel or even what is trendy but with a twist . Who likes the follow the crowd right ? Have your writers set a new tone and new voice to your business

3. Strange fashion – big impact . This dude had some … very interesting outfits… you KNOW the suit I mean! But it made you look didn’t it ? Sometimes we don’t need to always be ” pretty ” or ” on trend” instead do something that is your own unique work of art.

4. Spread the love – Prince believed in his art but also believed that his music was a gift that needed to be shared. He often wrote songs for other artists . ” Nothing compares to you” Sinead O’connor and ” Manaic Monday” for the Bangels to name a few. It is important in a business to share your vision and contribution with your employees. In order to increase your investment in the site and its brand, have new people or bloggers contribute. Start a program where you pick a new blogger to write a post or feature their article on your site or product.

5. He was spontaneous – one thing prince never was… predictable.His performances were EPIC and man could this dude improvise! from his guitar riffs mid-song to the funky takes of covers like Joni Mitchells “Taste of You”. His passion for his art, and interesting persona drove him to do some random activities to either get your attention or because they were just plain .. fun .
So make sure to do something spontaneous and new every now and again to shake things up. Play a game , hold an interesting contest , post about interesting subjects NOT to do with your company .

The Banana Inquisition




Like any good native of Arizona , the day was hot even for me. Being in Arizona is like walking on the surface of the sun with no end in sight. To help stave of this horror story of weather, I decided to partake in a cool refreshing smoothie to quench my thirst and give me something tasty.

As I walked into the smoothie place and browsed, I quickly found my choice and approached the cash register. I ordered the smoothie concoction but with one alteration: NO BANANAS.

Now to give you some background here, I hate bananas. Both the texture AND flavor bother me and I just plain don’t like them . Tried them as a kid and adult and STILL didn’t like them. Its my life choice and I live with it. Apparently today was the day this very choice would be questioned.

So I went on ordering and then at the end I said ” oh, and no bananas please”. Apparently I blew the smoothie worker’s mind with this statement because this started a berage of questions.

Smoothie Guy ” So like… no bananas?”

Me ” That’s right. I do not want bananas in my smoothie ”

SM ” But … like it … makes it thicker ”

Me ” I understand that but I am telling you I don’t want them . Don’t put bananas in my smoothie please ”

I then assumed this conversation was over and proceeded to sit down at one of the tables off to the right. I assumed wrong. Before I knew it another smoothie guy came out from the back and walked towards me. I need to also point out that this second smoothie guy had been standing right by the first one and heard the entire conversation from earlier.

Second Smoothie Guy ” So… ma’am you don’t want any bananas ?”

Me ( sighing ) ” No I don’t want them ”

SSM ” But like it makes it thick so… like you don’t want any ?”

At this point I am pretty pissed that all I wanted to do was get a smoothie without bananas in it and am now benig subject to a banana inquisition by some random smoothie stranger that must worship the banana in a shrine in the back . I had enough.


The smoothie guy then began to slowly back away and started making the smoothie I asked for. I left that place feeling a bit frustrated at the whole situation. Seriously ? My choice of non- banana was questioned just because I happened NOT to include them in my smoothie? It got me thinking…

Small businesses and entrepreneurs alike make these kind of choices every day. They choose to make their special business sauce their way because they know what they want. Sometimes despite the Banana believers, you need to stand your ground. SO go ahead and screw that banana! You make your own way!

Baby Come Back : My love affair with Cinnabon

Its not every day that you interact on social media with a company that is known for giving the world sugary , tasty buns of hope, but the day of May 27th- May 30th has been different. Let me tell you the tale …



It all started when I was playing a twitter game under the hashtag #FairytaleNewsHeadlines when I noticed my favorite dough-y company had decided to participate to which I instantly responded :


cinnabon first post

I replied with :

legendary buns

Soon after they followed me.

I couldn’t believe it ! I was being followed by FOOD! Well…ok so a company in which a social media team was interacting with me … which is a company ABOUT food but I still consider it being followed by food…ANYWAY…

Conversation ensued with Cinnabon asking me why I hadn’t been back to visit:

cinnabon convo


Again I was STILL pleasantly surprised a company would keep up a humorous convo with me for this long. I had chosen a while ago NOT to go to Cinnabon because I had associated them with these gargantuan rolls that you could make a sleeping bag out of and eat when you wake up the next day for breakfast, lunch and dinner before you plunged into a sugary coma where you probably hallucinate about ovens. I could never eat one by myself … and ovens DO scare me.

However , Cinnabon didn’t want to give up on me and kept dishing out my humor right back to me. The last comment was the icing on the cake  :



I was having so much fun with this companies’ twitter peeps. I wasn’t going to …but now I just HAD to. Not only did I get a glorious Cinnabon but I posted about it :

cinnabon wins

And of course , in true Cinnabon fashion they responded :

cinnabon good

Why YES Cinnabon! You are in fact BETTER than I remember and I was pleasantly surprised with the items added onto your menu which include the “mini” version for those of us wanting only a small amount of the doughy dream.


Overall Cinnabon’s social media was awesome AND engaging. I think we should strive to be a bit like Cinnabon when running a small business. Engage with your customers and don’t forget to have fun !

This is a real conversation…



Real Conversation I heard today while in a public restroom :

Random girl 1: “OMG I look like bread !”
Random girl 2: “bread ?”
Rg1″ yaaaaaa like all puffy and gross ”
Rg2 ” omg hate that bread feel ”


Tell me WHY is “looking like bread ” even a thing or part of everyday conversation? Do YOU look like bread?!?! personally I love sourdough.


Phoenix Comicon is coming up soon and I am SO excited ! I will cosplaying as something quite fab ( i’m keeping it a secret until later ). Please come and join me at comicon and celebrate Geekyness !