Baby Come Back : My love affair with Cinnabon

Its not every day that you interact on social media with a company that is known for giving the world sugary , tasty buns of hope, but the day of May 27th- May 30th has been different. Let me tell you the tale …



It all started when I was playing a twitter game under the hashtag #FairytaleNewsHeadlines when I noticed my favorite dough-y company had decided to participate to which I instantly responded :


cinnabon first post

I replied with :

legendary buns

Soon after they followed me.

I couldn’t believe it ! I was being followed by FOOD! Well…ok so a company in which a social media team was interacting with me … which is a company ABOUT food but I still consider it being followed by food…ANYWAY…

Conversation ensued with Cinnabon asking me why I hadn’t been back to visit:

cinnabon convo


Again I was STILL pleasantly surprised a company would keep up a humorous convo with me for this long. I had chosen a while ago NOT to go to Cinnabon because I had associated them with these gargantuan rolls that you could make a sleeping bag out of and eat when you wake up the next day for breakfast, lunch and dinner before you plunged into a sugary coma where you probably hallucinate about ovens. I could never eat one by myself … and ovens DO scare me.

However , Cinnabon didn’t want to give up on me and kept dishing out my humor right back to me. The last comment was the icing on the cake  :



I was having so much fun with this companies’ twitter peeps. I wasn’t going to …but now I just HAD to. Not only did I get a glorious Cinnabon but I posted about it :

cinnabon wins

And of course , in true Cinnabon fashion they responded :

cinnabon good

Why YES Cinnabon! You are in fact BETTER than I remember and I was pleasantly surprised with the items added onto your menu which include the “mini” version for those of us wanting only a small amount of the doughy dream.


Overall Cinnabon’s social media was awesome AND engaging. I think we should strive to be a bit like Cinnabon when running a small business. Engage with your customers and don’t forget to have fun !

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