Catnip Media: What cats teach us about new technology

Ahhh Kitties. Both the Darlings of the Internet AND the devil of the household. While they may be fiendish little fur gnomes they also give us come cooky insight into the buyer’s journey.
Catnip Media: What cats teach us about new technology

Catnip Media: What cats teach us about new technology

Always curious

Cats posess a natural curiousity to what things are and what they do. You know you have seen your kitty take a poke at something every now and again without reason. Its because they are testing it with their paws. We do the same when testing new technology like an iphone ” what does this button do? ” ¬†“look at all the pretty lights” the point is to peak your audiences curiousity and wow them from the get go . Make sure the tehc isn’t overly complicated

They come running for the treats

When your cats start to understand when the next meal is coming , its like they have a built in internal clock. They will bother you over and over again if its late and run when they now its time and even before then.
  • How does this translate?Make sure that as you grow your customer following in tech that you build that consistency and follow up on it. Nothing disappoints an audience more than failed expectations.

Looking intensly before they pounce

Your audience will look at something over and over again before they finally pounce . make sure that you have good things to show and note all the usual areas audiences will check things. review sites etc. engage

Make sure to keep them happy or they’ll shit all over the place

When a cat is unhappy and wants to show dominance it will shit in the room , in your shoes or on your bed if you piss him or her off. Same goes with your customers … but instead they will shit all over review sites, social media and the BBB to let you know their displeasure.

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