Digital STD’s : How to prevent and treat Trolls

STD’s can stay with you for quite a while .These bad boys are infectious and will be spread from person to person if you’re not careful. It’s time to get a condom for your blog and understand a treatment plan. I’m talking about :

Socially Trolling Dialogue

Trolls can be found on blogs, social media … anywhere with a comment section really.Sometimes they are alone, other times they come with a group to ” trash ” your page and bring you down. What most don’t realize is that NOT taking action is just as TOXIC as the trolls themselves. What’s important is coming up with a game plan.

One of the best lessons I took away from reading Jay Baer’s “Hug Your Haters” was this ” Your haters aren’t the problem, not responding to them is”

Here is what I mean by that- if you are keeping dialogue open on social media make sure every comment with a valid concern (even though angry ) does better when addressed than ignored. They say the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. When someone perceives themselves as being ignored it only infuriates them more and spurs them to continue their crusade.

In this case I like using Jay Baer’s set rule of responding twice then walking away.

Here is my own example :

I have posted an blog with my commentary and agreement about a previously published article on women alone in bars. This outlines how women shouldn’t be afraid to say ” I’m not interested ” instead of feeling pressure to give the ” I have a boyfriend excuse”

“Guy Alpha” comments on this with ( paraphrasing):  ” Well this is a load of crap! Women are just trying to make us poor guys feel good. You know it takes a lot for a guy to go up to a woman and she should be grateful.”

I respond:  “While I appreciate your opinion on the matter I wouldn’t go as far to say this is crap. Women do not get afforded the same treatment when they go up to a guy and most people would appreciate the truth. ”

** several other comments occur from more of my readers on the subject with links to evidence etc supporting this article’s original claim. Then ” Guy Alpha ” Responds a second time.

Guy Alpha  : “You all just don’t seem to get it. I would not tolerate a woman doing that to me . MY FEELINGS are what’s important here not hers. …(rant)”

My response : ” At this point we will just need to agree to disagree here. We have differing opinions on this matter and I feel like this conversation is not going to progress well. I am more than happy to discuss other topics with you but I ask that we end our discussion on this topic here. ”

** At this point, Guy Alpha had already shown some signs of aggression but by commenting in the thread I was showing my readers I cared while monitoring the situation. While I am not one opposed to discussion, it was not a discussion anymore. I wasn’t going to let me or my other readers get abused. After my last comment he decided to comment again.

I could have responded for days, but I chose not to do so and stick to my original plan. I had other articles to write and things to do. I sought to engage this person and set boundaries but they didn’t want to play ball. After they made a third comment , I deleted the person’s comments, blocked them and added one final comment to the thread addressing the issue.

Even though some trolls are trash like this Guy Alpha, by addressing him digitally I stood up to his bullying on my page . I showed my readers that I was responding to them reasonably but when the conversation got abusive, I ended it. The readers appreciated it.


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