Facebook Graveyard

Since it started Facebook has become quite the phenomenon . It is more than just a place to share pictures of your pets and foods… its become everyone’s online micro-blog.


Yes essentially we have all become our own Truman show and given the public insight into our lives.


What we have also done is use is as a memorial for those that have passed on.


Over the course of my Facebook Journey I have had a few friends of mine pass away. One due to a fatal heart attack that no one saw coming. Another had an aneurysm. Both of them had active facebook presences and both had profiles that remained even after their passing.


I have noticed over the years after their passing, friends and family members still post on their walls or put up pictures and talk about memories they had together. Facebook has unknowingly served the purpose of memorializing someone in this respect and overall , it really helps.

Like most cemeteries, Tombstones are made so that the living can have a place to grief and remember those they have lost. Its also a place of solace and meditation where one can converse with their loved one if only to communicate that they are missed. Facebook has given us something better and I hope they keep it.

You can now Log on to Facebook and view images , videos , comments and overall memories you had with this person for as long as the page stays live. I think that’s amazing that our technology can provide us with this memory bank to be able to visit when we miss our loved ones.

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