First website symphony

Your website is like a full orchestra playing every friday night at the MET .  The audiences awaits with bated breath to see the premiere as your pictures dazzle with a high trill , your content maintains the steady rhythmic beat of the bass and the colors maintain the strings legato. You have put forth so many hours of rehearsal in building , coordinated the colors and making sure the lighting was just right for the entrance of the main characters. Everything you have is in this and when you step out on stage with that first note its going to be big !


So how do you get from composing your first note to the packed house at the met ready to see the full performance ? You start with a single note , a basic idea and stamina. Here is where to begin:


the domain . this is the diva . you base everything around her because she is the star . Without a domain name to mark your website brand how will people remember you ? Short answer : they wont.


Tips for choosing a domain name :

  • Keep it simple , easier to remember
  • find your niche , do something no one else is and name that !
  • avoid too many numbers or hyphens . they’re annoying


The Diva will always point to here orchestra and stage(hosting) that make her presence who she is . If she is not pointing in the right direction, there is no symphony or opera( website) . So take the first step and get yourself a diva !


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