You got Booshed : Old Gregg goes on a Dating Site

So before I launch into this I will get this out of the way : I KNOOOOOW a fake dating profile has “been done” before. I wanted to have my own experience but with a twist.

I was originally inspired by this article I read on the awesome sight Hello Giggles.

There were a lot of these kind of articles that sprung up but there was something about it that bothered me. They were messaging guys with quotes but still under a legit profile and these guys still thought they were making a love connection.

I knew I wanted to do this but I didn’t want to do this under the guise of catfishing anyone in any way. Then while binge-watching The Mighty Boosh and having waay too many glasses of wine the idea came to me :

I’m Old Greg. ( In case you’re wondering about the Episode I’m referring to, find it here)

The rules were hilarious :

  1. Make a profile with only pictures of the Old Greg character from the Mighty Boosh.
  2. Answer the profile questions only with quotes from the skit
  3. IF anyone messages , only answer back as Old Gregg lines

I honestly didn’t think anyone would message me but then…

What. The . Actual . Fuck .

Seriously ? I then turned to the messages and realized that they were ALL messages from other people either quoting the skit back to me or telling me how much they loved my profile. Every now and then I did get some people that were clueless or at least pretended to be :


I had so many people message my profile with quotes and praise…I felt like an Old Greg mascot on OK Cupid.


Some just thought the profile was funny and didn’t even know what it was :

This was/is still so shocking to me that putting up a comedy sketch character on a dating site got such a good reception.

Maybe these guys were looking for love, for their soulmates and Old Greg was a goo break from the hunt, Or Maybe Old Greg served as a reminder to these guys that we need to laugh always, despite the loneliness , sadness or journey we have ahead.


Noel Fielding, if you’re ever reading this, know that I love your show and all of your characters. Your comedy bought me joy and so many others as well. Also, even you as Old Greg makes quite a killing on dating sites.

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