Learning to Sing on the Digital Stage

A month ago I found myself hitting nothing but a wall . I had stepped from the opera world into  tech for about 3 years and , for a while, wondered exactly what direction I wanted to go in with it and what would make me happy. I had gone to school for 6 years to major in music as an Opera Singer. I wanted to pursue something that fused my love of communicating with people and technology.


I found social media. I loved it and starting immediately working on my profiles, writing blogs , going to meetings, learning in any way I could. From this “street education “technique I had gained followers and an understanding of social media and how to work my platforms . I was ready to apply this to a job in the field ( even entry level ).


But it wasn’t enough ….


I got plenty of interviews, meetings and conference calls with different companies looking to hire a social media manager. Each interview each time was exciting and I kept thinking ” finally, I can take that step forward in a career I want and love my job as I develop “. I never got that job offer. I just kept getting close and it was infuriating. I would reach out for feedback and always got ” well, we decided to go with someone who has more education/experience in this “.

Were they right ?

Maybe I had been going about this all wrong. I did build up my profile and had pounded the digital pavement but could still greatly benefit from classes to give me a method that works and have a certification to show for it.


I looked for a while for something that fit. Some recommended I completely go back to school but as a working woman in tech with someone else to support, all that money I didn’t have to spend… wasn’t an option. Then I found this program and it was PERFECT! Also perfect timing too! I was getting to that point in my life of ” will I just submit to this daily grind forever like groundhog day ? I guess things are just hopeless” . Then I found this and it was my “deus ex machina ” of solutions. Thank you Udacity!

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